Advanced Activity and Tour Operator Booking Software

The Flybook is the most advanced activity and tour operator booking software for companies that offer any combination of tours, rentals, activities and lodging. Manage all your needs in one place with online reservations, digital waivers, guide assignment, automated communications and more. 



The most Advanced Tour Operator Booking Software for Activity and Tour businesses

The Flybook | Reservation Mobile
  • Online Reservations
    Attractive online reservation widget that will raise your conversion rates
  • Intuitive
    As easy-to-use for frontline staff creating reservations as for high-level management to pull complex reporting.

  • Group Sales
    Innovative, mobile-friendly dashboard allows lead guest to manage their large group and collect individual payments from group members.
  • Integrations
    Compatibility with various applications including Stripe, Smartwaiver, MailChimp, Google Calendar,, HubSpot and many more.
  • Staffing and Resource Management
    Easily assign your team to shifts as well as enable them to view work schedules from their cell phone.

Discover more Flybook tools that increase your reservations:
Robust Calendar, RentalsAgent System, Reporting, Lessons & Camps


The Flybook goes beyond just issuing tickets; our SmartTicket product gathers valuable data and visually represent it to enable you to optimize your assets, measure success, mitigate seasonality and recognize new revenue streams. 

  • Ticket Printing
    Issue physical, scannable tickets or wristbands for easy management of guests within your park. 
    Design and customize the look and information presented on them.
  • Ticket Intelligence
    Reservation and ticket data are automatically tracked and visually displayed to equip management with actionable information. View performance trends that enable you to know when to modify park flows.
  • Multiple Locations
    The SmartTickets enterprise view offers owners and operators a comprehensive view of ticket activity and projections across all of your parks at once or each individually.
  • Ticket Rationing
    Complete flexibility and control over the number of tickets available down to the time of the day and day of the week. View your location’s trends and adjust ticketing to maximize capacity and improve attendance during low season and other down times.

The Flybook | Daily Overview


Manage a virtual lineup of your rental equipment as if you were standing in front of it. Share rental equipment as resources between tours and stand alone rentals. 

  • Dashboard
    View a list of rental activities for today or any given day in the past or future.
  • Inventory
    Maximize rental volume and never overbook.
  • Calendar
    Simply drag-and-drop reservations to match up customers, equipment and staff.
  • Packages
    Create cool packages for guests that can include rentals, Lodging, Tours and Merchandise.
  • Communication
    Manage Camps & Lessons and Reminder/Thank You messages through automated text or email communications.


  • Flex pricing, calendar based pricing
  • Online booking
  • Packages with tours and rentals 
  • Upselling 
  • Housekeeping reports
  • Limitless configurations

Point of Sale (POS).

Streamline and save money with a seamlessly integrated POS system to process online and in-house payments.

  • Secure Payment
    Gateway processing with
  • Product Logic
    Set up product categories and get as detailed as you would like with products including variations for sizing or style. Compatible with standard barcode scanners.
  • Accounting
    Fully reportable results of inventory & sales.

Included Features:


Automate your client communications in a clean professional way with customizable email tools. Using Flybook data intelligence, your business can effectively market during low season by utilizing promotions and special events to fill capacities.

The Flybook | Email
  •  Measure ROI’s
  • Automate Reminders
  • Prepopulate Confirmation Messages
    Quickly send confirmations and receipts in just a few clicks.
  • Gift Certificates
    Use pre-designed templates to market specific products or combos. Email professional certificates or automatically print and ship to customers. Codes can be applied to specific products and they can have blackout and expirations dates associated. 
  • Gift Cards
    Offer clients the option to gift an open-ended amount or an amount pre-defined by you ($50, $100…etc). 
  • Promotional Codes
    Promotional / Discount codes can be created and marketed through ads for fundraisers or in-house. Use advanced features such as expiration dates, mass import codes from 3rd parties and more.
  • MailChimp Integration
    Connect your Flybook client database to MailChimp. New clients are automatically shared and added to your MailChimp account and lists.
  • Thank You Messages
    Prepopulated “Thank You” emails are quick and easy to send.


Guests who book online or via phone arrive ready-to-go having already completed and signed their waivers. Digital waivers are not only made simple in The Flybook but they also automatically link to reservations, making checking in groups super fast.


The Flybook is an innovative industry leader with our unique and intuitive kiosk interface. Use the interface with anything from an Ipad or Android tablet to sophisticated custom kiosk hardware. Customers can buy tickets based on real-time availability and sign waivers without holding up the line. Read more about The Flybook’s Kiosk Interface Here.


Encourage guests to return and reward your core customers with two types of membership functionality.

  • Rewards Program
    Give your most loyal guests incentives for returning.
  • Subscription Program / Season Passes
    Guests may purchase multiple-visit or annual passes. Annual passes can be configured with blackout and expiration dates. 

The Flybook | Membership Login

The Flybook | Calendar


  • Smart and Flexible Calendar
    Beyond a static calendar, users drag and drop to quickly make changes. 
  • Real Time Availability 
    See real-time availability of inventory, staff and resources.
  • Customize
    Customize what resources, staff and activities are displayed, change colors and more. 
  • Sticky Notes
    Provide key reservation details at a glance.
  • Availability
    Establish availability by the time of day and day of week.
  • Filtering
    Provides a clean view of your busiest days, weeks and months.


  • Extensive Reporting
    End of day, accounting and marketing detailed reports on all major actions.
  • Accurate Data
    Accurate records for your accounting needs.
  • Data Exporting
    Download and print spreadsheets

Guide Scheduling.

  • “My Calendar” for guides including info for their trip.
  • Guides can set their schedules – both availability and blackout days.
  • From the Backend or a client booking, assign/request a specific guide.
  • Guide notification tools.
  • Payroll reports to track and pay according to your processes. 

Rental Dashboard.

View a daily list of your rental activity for today or any given day in the future or past. See which clients have checked in vs. out or when they are due to pick up and return. 

Lessons, Classes & Camps.

Manage lessons and camps from online booking (or backend) through payment and automated email and text communications.

Rain Checks.

Create and issue rain check on demand, even for large groups, in a matter of seconds. 

Print them out or email them to customers. 

Land Use Reporting.

Enter land use and permitting details for each activity to make post-use reporting fast and simple.

Back Office.

Easily stay on the go with a mobile and tablet responsive back office.


  • Increase sales by partnering with agents
  • Extend the reach of your brand
  • Agents can book in person or online for you
  • User-friendly agent portal 
  • Automated commission payout 


Innovative, mobile-friendly portal allows guests to manage their group.

  • Lead Clients Manage Groups
    Lead client can manage their large group’s payments, waivers and profiles from their mobile device.

Deposit & Payment Collections.

Collect deposits to secure reservations and choose to auto-collect remaining payments, depending on your company policy.